Composite Stone

Samples Of  Composite Stone . . .

Rockworks Ballarat are Victoria's Premier Stonemasons.  The craft of stonemasonry or the shaping of rock into anything from stones with simple chamfers to tracery windows, detailed mouldings and the more classical architectural building masonry, has existed since ancient times. Today Stonemasons, using stone from the earth enhance buildings, structures and sculpt the stone for seamless fitting for functional use such as bench tops, wet area floors and walls or for features for the domestic or commercial market.

The stonemasons at Rockworks Ballarat are skilled in the knowledge of each stone type, each application and best uses and how to work and fix each stone in place, they are skilled and carry out all of the various uses of the art of stonemasonry.

The Showroom at Rockworks Ballarat has displays of bench tops for kitchens, vanities and commercial applications, along with edge details.  You can also select the slabs for your project from an impressive range of diverse stone types such as marble, granite and quartz as well as a full range of reconstituted stone and an amazing array of color combinations.

Natural stone

We have a large selection of natural stone in stock.

Natural Stone surfaces combine Low Maintenance and Hygienic alternative to more traditional surfaces of laminex or tiles.
The Stain, Scratch, Heat Resistant and Non-Porous quality of quartz, granite or marble surfaces mean that your bench tops will outlast alternative surfaces and prevent the growth of mould and microbes.
The Showroom at Rockworks Ballarat has a large range of different stone types such as marble, granite and quartz, in a wide variety of colours to suit any décor.

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